Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.

~ Emily Dickinson

Consultation Services

The focus of my current services as a Consultant is on project-based efforts that are aimed at solutions to global issues. In this acute time of coronavirus, I am adding additional consultation time to groups, institutions, and individuals who need support in terms of building inner and outer resources, learning to process trauma in their own bodies and teaching trauma healing skills to others, and to transition their healing offerings to online platforms. I am particularly interested in philanthropic pursuits where my unique skillsets can be useful. All my services are available through video platforms.

I bring over 20 years of research, teaching, and the publication of nine books, that are translated into over a dozen languages on topics related to intersection of psychology, spirituality, yoga, world religions, and contemporary spiritual traditions. My clinical work as a psychotherapist included consulting, mediating, and providing psychological services to spiritual and religious teachers/leaders, communities, and emergencies, as well as creating preventative psychological health programs for spiritual and religious groups. I have mediated, advised, and supported healing in many large spiritual scandals. Specializing in trauma and somatics (body-centered) psychology, I supported individuals, couples, and families, and initiated school yoga programs for high-risk youth.

To learn more about the Psychological Services and Spiritual Guidance I have offered, see my Spiritual Guidance, Somatics (Body-Centered) and Trauma, and Individual/Couples specializations.

May the heat of suffering become the fire of love.

~ Lee Lozowick


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